With CashRewards you can offset 100% of your credit card costs and offer a discount to any customer paying with cash or check. Never worry about paying for credit card processing again!

Our CashRewards Program provides your business with compliant technology which includes proper signage to let your customers know they can be rewarded by paying with cash.

Free Yourself.We’ve taken the time to do it RIGHT so you don’t have to worry! 
Let us be the experts so you don’t have to be. 
In 2018 92% of all credit card spending was made on rewards cards up from 67% in 2008.
Those rewards, points, miles, or cash back are paid for by the business that accepts the rewards cards. 
The fees paid by a business fuels these reward programs.
These fees, referred to as interchange fees, are higher in the United States than in most countries around the world. 
Ready to reward your business?  We are.