The Gift

How does it work?

Chances are there are a number of business owners who are associated with your organization. When credit cards are accepted in their place of business, they pay monthly fees to the companies that process those transactions for them.

Integrity Payment Systems, a nationwide bankcard processing company, has the ability to match what business owners currently pay for this service while providing them advanced support and added value solutions.

Integrity, as their new processor, will then donate a portion of Integrity’s own revenue derived from processing these credit card transactions to your organization, every month. This recurring revenue will continue as long as these businesses process their transactions with Integrity.

New Found Money

Because business owners are already spending this money every month for their processing service, they are enthusiastic about participating.

In addition to Integrity’s giving, these business owners can, if they wish, decide to make a donation themselves from a small percentage of the dollar amount of each credit card sale occurring in their business, automatically, with Integrity’s free EasyPay™ service.

Integrity’s gifting program is a simple process, and it makes sense from every perspective: your organization receives donations at no cost, your message can be spread further with signage displayed at participating businesses indicating that donations are made from purchases in these participating businesses, the participating business owner has satisfaction from knowing his participation is helping a worthy cause, and Integrity gains a satisfied customer and contributes to excellent causes.

Together, we can advance your cause, automatically! For more information on our Gifting Program, please contact Joey King by calling 84913-212-8274  or email

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